Labour's 2019 Manifesto




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Two More Referendums 

Jeremy Corbyn can’t win a majority, but in a hung parliament he would be propped up by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. A vote for Corbyn’s Labour would mean the chaos of another two referendums:

  • A second Brexit referendum – in which Labour might not even back their own plan.
  • A second Scottish independence referendum - putting our Union at risk.

With Corbyn as Prime Minister in a hung Parliament we would be arguing about Brexit for all of 2020. Politicians going around in circles, more confusion, more delay and more indecision - and no progress on the priorities of the British people.


13 November 2019

But he refused to state which way he would vote himself – saying only that he will “referee” the warring factions, and let the public make the final decision.

22 September 2019

13 November 2019

9 July 2019

“In those circumstances, I want to make it clear that Labour would campaign for Remain against either no deal or a Tory deal.”


Higher Taxes

Hardworking taxpayers would have to pay an extra £2,400 each year in tax on average to cover Jeremy Corbyn’s reckless spending.

Corbyn’s Labour has committed to an additional spending splurge of £1.2 trillion over the next five years if they get elected.

This extra spending – an extra £650 million a day – is the equivalent of funding the entire NHS budget for nine years.

To pay for this, Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would have to introduce these taxes on hardworking people:

  • Homes tax
  • Movers tax
  • Gifts tax
  • Fuel duty hikes
  • Increased holiday tax
  • Higher income tax

Dubbed the ‘Cost of Corbyn’ by the Conservatives - the figure is equivalent to an entire month’s pay for the average earner.

12 November 2019

18 November 2019

17 November 2019

“Taxing an extra £2,400 per person every year could mean a whole host of eye-watering tax hikes on everything from your monthly payslip, to moving home, flying away for a holiday or driving to work.”

No Plan for Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has no plan for Brexit.

If he is elected Prime Minister he will dither and delay for months and months and then force the country though the chaos of another two referendums: one on Brexit and one on Scottish independence.

This would mean we go on arguing about Brexit for all of 2020 and other important issues wouldn’t get the attention they deserve.

Corbyn and his team can’t even say if they would back the deal he claims he would renegotiate, meaning even more uncertainty for families and businesses.

And whilst this dither and delay continues there’ll be no progress on people’s other priorities like hospitals, schools and police.


19 November 2019

9 July 2019

On doorsteps up and down the country, activists were unable to clearly explain what the Brexit policy exactly was. After a dismal performance in the European elections at the end of May, one Labour MEP told me that election strategy had been “kamikaze”. If there was a clear message from those elections it was that voters want to hear a clear message on Brexit.

THE LABOUR PARTY is divided over the issue of freedom of movement as Jeremy Corbyn refuses to confirm whether his party would continue the policy after Brexit

19 November 2019

One, party chair Ian Lavery, said Labour "could be finished" by a referendum and it could make Mr Corbyn "the Labour Prime Minister that splits the Labour Party".

5 April 2019

All you need to know about Labour’s 2019 manifesto is that Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister means higher taxes for you and your family, the chaos of two more referendums and more indecision and delay on Brexit.